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If you are already married and you'd like to order a one question reading and ask about your wedding date, I can give an overall analysis of the date as well as a forecast of the ups, downs and aspects associated with it! Remember to give me the anniversary date! Set your intentions for the month ahead over the weekend.

Venus enters Aquarius

Find some time and a quiet space and pray, state your intentions out loud and visualize them. You have all weekend to manifest. So the next three days are potent for working with the moon's energy.

Compatibility by Life Path Number - Numerology Relationship Match

Look to where the new moon falls in your astrology chart to find where the most potent intentions fall. Some of you should be manifesting new work or more money. Others should be wishing for the best relationship to appear. What's my Magic Moon Intention and Mantra? I'll research your chart and have an answer back to you with a mantra you can say too.

Thoughts are energy. Send that person love. Take time to talk to them telepathically, knowing you are getting through. It may be someone you have not seen or heard from in years. It can also be someone close to you that you currently are in contact with too. It's said that we choose our friends but don't choose our family.

March 22 Zodiac

However on a soul level we have chosen them. This is our family karma. We reincarnated and forgot on a conscious level what our promises were. But we choose our parents to help us with these soul purposes and karma. We discover our greatest tests and challenges in life start with and stem from the family. Sometimes you may feel as if you were born into the wrong family, but you weren't. There's a reason you choose them.

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And unless you study astrology or some sort of revealing metaphysics or past life teachings, you may wander through y life blaming your parents, mad at your siblings or disappointed in something. I tell my clients that if you don't make something right with one of the parents karmically, then you will draw to you, a spouse or mate that has the same zodiac sign or energy as that parent.

You will need to work through the lesson because the soul needs to fulfil the lesson and purpose. How many times have you heard someone say they Married their Mother? The family you were born into, is the blueprint for your soul purpose and lesson. Our first soul mates are our mother and father, and its these two aspects of our soul that we have come to work with in this lifetime.

Venus enters Aquarius

Remember soul mates do not need to be romantic connections. They can be friends, enemies, siblings, co workers, parents and more. You can have many soul mates in one lifetime; each designed for a specific lesson to fulfil a soul contract. The problems we face in our family sometimes seem impossible to solve. As children we didn't have the resources to handle the complex emotional issues we may have experienced and witnessed. The traumas that happened to us and our family, may have been too hard to handle so we then took on a role in order to survive or deal with them.

In our birth chart, our mother is the 4th house, our father the 10th, older siblings are the 11th house, and younger ones the 3rd house. Each grandparent can be traced through the birth chart and the stories revealed in the chart, may be the reason you can't move past blockages in this lifetime.

In our New Orleans Class on July 15, we will study the complex relationships, the joy filled ones and the loving ones that supported us.

We will grow to understand what each family members' role is and how that affects our lives today; to heal and complete our soul purpose and contract that we made before we were born. In this class:. You will establish what your family karma is. We will also do a release session with one specific family member or issue you wish to release. I can also do a Family Karma reading over the phone at my regular reading rates if you cannot make it to the class. The family member doesn't need to be present or alive. The release work is for your soul purpose and healing. You can PM as we only have space for 13 to Reserve your seats here.

Much like the Clearing and Cleansing Class but this one focuses on specific relationships.

We will cover family karma as well as love relationships. Release work too. Explore the karmic reasons and contracts with the most important people in your life. August in Minnesota. Call to schedule. Limited slots of 30 and 60 minutes. Radisson Roseville, MN. Sunday August 6 - Psychic Fair 9a.

Special Notes. If ever have trouble with my website store's paypal link for orders,we now are offering a second way to take payment that should work. Next time you check out at my website store, choose the other option and you should be able to make payment with no trouble.

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Summer Solstice Ahead. A Special Story Unfolding. There are many advantages to be had and some important decisions to make. At the exact moment of the summer solstice, the moon will be in earthy Taurus complimenting the sun. This marks the emotional energy of the summer, which should be strong and satisfying. Venus, ruling love, money and joy, is also making a nice connection, setting the stage for summer love and romance as well as financial opportunities for some of you.

And what more, Venus will be working nicely with Pluto in Capricorn, meaning karmic connections are possible this summer too. Here's something to consider: think back to the month of February This was happening to make way for what the Solstice is bringing you now. Something new is being created this summer season. If you would like to gain insight as to what the summer's theme is for you, you may order a one question reading here and ask What's My Summer Solstice Story?

I'll research your chart, record your reading and send it back to your email. There are so many key astrological energies to work with this June, July and August. There will be some stress points too that I will give you a heads up on in another newsletter but for now, let's welcome the Summer Season in next week with anticipation and joy! Everyone invited, Join us wherever you are!

Skip past to next article if not interested in the convention. October , Saginaw MI. Drive in or Fly in! Shuttle available from airport.

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If you are born on March 1st then Astrology or numerology can predicts many 1st on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or. Use our free numerology relationship compatibility app to calculate a report on you and Enter your date of birth below: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October . 2 can be thought of as the opposite of 1. new, long term, relationships or cementing existing relationship in marriage.

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