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Self-indulgence can be a weakness for many with this Ascendant. Often collectors in some way, Taurus rising natives place a lot of value on their material possessions. Taurus rising individuals prefer to dress in quality clothes with a comfortable feel to them. They are rarely ostentatious in their presentation. Many have strong and sturdy physiques. Although they are not particularly jealous, they view their partners as their personal property.

Intensity and loyalty are especially important to Taurus rising natives.

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Having them on your side is a gift. Venus does not retrograde in , and this means that in a general sense, the pace of the year is positive, straightforward, and normal. Potential negatives: Taking on too much debt or relying too heavily on others for support. Many of them enjoy running errands, paying bills, and balancing the books. You move at your own unhurried pace, love the simple pleasures of life, and bring a quality of loving kindness into the world. Cafe Astrology. Their flare-ups generally end almost as quickly as they started.

These are highly sensual people who prefer the comforts that a one-to-one, stable partnership offers. Although Taurus rising individuals value harmony and calm, their partnerships may be on the passionate side. Taurus rising natives are often very comforting to be around.

They have a stability about them that is soothing, and an inner harmony that is attractive.

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Taurus/Rising Ascendant

She may undertake exhaustive studies, always studying for pleasure. Can very much enjoy journeys to faraway places, and may go to live abroad. You are eternally curious and hunger for knowledge. You enjoy studying and learning, and do it not because you have to, but because you want to. You enjoy exchanging ideas and personal philosophies with others. You can be especially buoyant, enthusiastic, and even inspiring in your communications.

While you may not pay enough attention to details, you are skilled at finding a quick solution to problems. You readily see the bigger picture and enjoy sharing your opinions and ideas. You get off on how information affects people's lives, and you take great pleasure in learning that something you have shared or taught has inspired others to take action, experience something new, or make changes in their lives. Some of you might be too quick to offer advice, however, that might be lacking in thoroughness and practicality, or that you yourself don't follow. She is preoccupied with her circle, likes to exchange ideas with her friends, but also with strangers.

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity:

Of an open nature, often reaching out to others. Venus Venus represents an interest in emotions and values, exchange, and sharing with others. Venus is in Sagittarius When Venus in Sagittarius people are in love, they need to feel they can grow and expand their horizons through their relationship. They want to learn new things, and experience everything together. These are idealistic lovers who want you to appreciate their beliefs, visions, and ideals. They can be a confusing mix of the lighthearted and serious.

They are roamers and seekers, and don't commit in their relationships as easily as others. Venus in Sagittarius people turn others on with their big smiles and laughs, their jokes, their grand schemes, their dreams, and their friendly, flirtatious behavior. They pride themselves on their open minds, but you may notice they can be judgmental too. They are threatened by inhibitions on the part of their lover, dullness, and emotional overkill.

They are restless, and won't put up with lovers who dwell on any one thing. When the going gets tough in their relationship, they have an overwhelming need to run away. Usually this only means getting out and experiencing something new before they come back, but sometimes it can be for good. They are attracted to people in love with life. You don't need to be refined, polished, or graceful to win their favor. Pleasing Venus in Sagittarius involves allowing them lots of room in the relationship to grow.

Avoid getting stuck in a rut, and understand their need to move on. Learn to laugh, but take their rants and raves seriously.

Avoid criticizing their beliefs, join them in debates, and philosophize along with them. When they feel the need for more experience, join them! Learn to look past their clumsiness with you and your feelings, and avoid cornering them or forcing them to commit.

Comparison with its symbol, the Bull:

Sometimes this position means she has a peaceful and happy or natural end of life. Possible inheritance. Intensity is what you seek in your love relationships, so that casual encounters are not necessarily your game. You are easily bored with mechanical interactions between partners, and might prefer drama in your relationships to anything mundane or superficial. However, you also fear being vulnerable in love, and, in youth, you may control your emotions in love.

Fears of being betrayed may be at the heart of your somewhat jealous and possessive nature in love. When you give yourself over to love, you love wholeheartedly and expect all-consuming, total devotion and attention in return. You find passion a healing force in your life. Your charm runs deep--just below the surface.

You are attracted to all that is taboo, hidden, forbidden, and find beauty in the broken, disenchanted, obsessed, and passionate. In some cases, people with this position might make a business out of love, romance, and eroticism. There is an intensity about you that others pick up readily. Either they run or they are completely intrigued! She likes well-being, comfort, a life of ease, without problems.

She has good relations with her social circle.

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She is easy to approach. All the same, she may fall in love easily. She has a successful partnership and professional life. People usually trust her. She may be frightened of showing her love, and this can lead to disappointments, break-ups, lack of satisfaction. She has doubts, can be suspicious, worries too much, possibly jealous but more likely insecure. She will learn how to be happy in love, to be at ease with herself and to control her jealousy or gain more assurance and sense of self-worth in the second half of her life, possibly thanks to a mature person, who helps her learn to trust.

She lives out truly passionate love affairs. Extremely resourceful, she is also excellent at determining the worth or value of material things. She can help others to discover their own worth as well. She is naturally attracted to relationships that transform her, that are growing and evolving, and that are intense. She can use her strong intuition and understanding of others for good or for bad, and this depends largely on other aspects in the chart.

She can be highly devoted and passionate to the things and people she loves. She can be quite persuasive. Mars Mars represents the desire for action and physical energy. Mars is in Sagittarius When Mars in Sagittarius people get angry, they feel like running. They have to do something--not about it, but something else altogether. They don't have a lot of patience to wait things out. This is where the restless and adventurous nature of Sagittarius comes in.

People with this position of Mars should seriously consider physical activity as the best means of anger management, if they don't already naturally do so. People with Mars in Sagittarius generally have a number of projects going at once.

Taurus Ascendant

They are not known for their follow-through, however! They start up new projects, however, with admirable gusto. Their vision and optimism can get in the way of completing what they start--they want to do so much, and they trash things too easily when a new idea takes hold. Most of the time, Mars in Sagittarius is playful and fun-loving. They love friendly debates, although they can go to extremes.

Some take it personally when you don't agree with them--why wouldn't you agree, after all?